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October 8, 2014

Lancaster Sun Article




Bringing laughs to the stage:

Lancaster RegionalPlayers perform 'You Can't Take it with You'
By Jennifer Lysziak

LANCASTER- Revisiting the play that opened their firstseason in 1964, The Lancaster Regional Players production of "You Can't Take itwith You," a Pulitzer Prize winning-comedy, opened Friday at the LancasterOpera House.

It is a play that introduces audiences to the freethinking Sycamore family andthe pandemonium that develops when their daughter, Alice, brings home herstockbroker boyfriend to meet her "unconventional" family. Be that as it may,the play gives an uplifting message to follow your dreams and find your ownpathway to happiness.

The play is directed by Jane Narravo, who has her hands full with 17 castmembers, all of which she said are very talented.

They're wonderful," said Narravo. "They have been working very hard and I'mvery proud of them."

Performing as Penelope "Penny" Sycamore, a loving mother and wife whois constantly concerned with the welfare of her family, Williamsville residentAlyssa Walsh has taken the role.

"Finding my way into this character has been a little tough because she'sfunny, silly, and zany, it's just I'm trying to find the right way to not makeher overly zealous, or ridiculous, to find a balance make her someone real andalso kooky, goofy, and extricate," said Walsh.

Performing in theater for about 25 years, Walsh said she was a freshman in highschool when she found her passion for acting.

"I enjoy getting to be lost in a character for a few hours. It is just fun andI enjoy the commenandrie," remarked Walsh, who is a drama teacher at ParkSchool.

In fact she directed this play about eight years ago, so she has a good handleon what it takes to play Penny. This is her first time performing with theregional players, but not with her co-star Dan Morris, who performs as BorisKolenkhov, a Russian ballet instructor.

"I also enjoy getting to be something completely different than you have to beall throughout the day, with all your other responsibilities and your regularlife. It's nice to escape it and be a crazy Russian ballet instructor."

Also, a resident of Williamsville, Morris has been in the spotlight for about30 years. He took a break for a while, but about five years ago decided to getback involved in theater.

"It's been great," said Morris. "There are so many different groups within ourcommunity for actors like ourselves to be a part of like the Lancaster RegionalPlayers."

Morris added this is his second time performing in a regional playersproduction, but both Morris and Walsh have performed at the opera house before.

"We were lucky enough just a year ago to play McMurphy and Nurse Ratched in'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and those were plum roles for both of us. Itwas a great production and it was a wonderful cast," said Morris.

After seeing a previous performance of "You Can't take it with You" Morris saidthere was no doubt in his mind that the role of the Russian ballet instructorwas something he knew he wanted to perform.

"I just thought that is my role," he laughed. "It was just the craziestcharacter in the show and that's what I wanted. My character is just over thetop."

"You Can't Take it with You" is a fast paced story with crazy, kooky familymembers and characters, so audiences are going to have a lot of fun, saidMorris.

They're going to laugh and enjoy it," he added.

Tickets for the performance of "You Can't Take it with You," can be purchasedat the Lancaster Opera House Box Office, 21 Central Ave., or by calling683-1776 or by visiting Tickets are $20 for adults and $18for students and seniors.

Performances include: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 11; 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 12and Thursday, Oct. 16; 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 17 and Saturday, Oct. 18; with afinal performance at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 19.




Lancaster Regional Players, PO Box 51, Lancaster, NY  14086